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Hot/Cold Compression Pack
Hot/Cold Compression Pack
Hot/Cold Compression Pack
Hot/Cold Compression Pack (2 Pack) - Recovery PRO
Knee & Limb Cold Wraps
Compression Wrap For Knee And Limb
Ice Compression Pack Technology

Hot/Cold Compression Pack

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The Recovery PRO Hot/Cold Compression Pack is easy to use, compact and portable. It has been designed to be worn for the treatment and management of pain post operation and injuries sustained through sporting and lifestyle accidents. It can also be used to treat and/or prevent the most common sporting injuries such as ankle sprain, inflammation from tennis elbow, arthritis, shin splints, or a wrist sprain.

  • ALL IN ONE wrap design (Suitable for Calf, Knee, Adductor, Quad, Hamstring, Wrist, Elbow, Bicep and Tricep)
  • 1 size fits all
  • Gel Pack with Cold Zone Technology – coldness last longer.
  • Dual temp gel insert
What is Included:
  • One premium quality compression wrap for knee and limb
  • One long-lasting, reusable, non-toxic ice gel pack
  • One premium carry case



  • relieves joint and muscle pain
  • controls knee, limb and elbow inflammation
  • promotes healing
  • minimizes swelling
  • provides intense but not overbearing cold compression

RecoveryPRO’s knee & limb cold wraps are calming and comfortable to wear; they are also soothing and highly effective. Specifically designed to non-icy and abrasive, the wraps are an efficient, cooling pain management tool that can be worn at any time.

The RecoveryPRO knee and limb wrap is ideal for:

  • Arthritis, tendinitis, joint inflammation and orthopedic pain
  • After-sports inflammatory recovery for athletes and post physical therapy
  • Recovery from knee replacement and arthroscopic surgery
  • Soothing inflamed knees from a torn ACL or a meniscus injury

Using a patent-pending gel compounded material that maintains cooling temperatures for a prolonged period of time, RecoveryPRO knee & limb cold wraps protects you from the harsh effects of ice, cellular injury, nerve damage, brittle injury-prone muscles and tendons—while retaining the soothing, anti-inflammatory, pain-reducing effects of cooling.

The RecoveryPRO knee & limb wrap is conveniently designed with cold compression features that can replace your old knee wrap bandage or quickly melting ice packs. The gel composite makes it comfortable to wear even after long-term use!

Tightly strap the compression with the gel contained in the zip compartment to the desired area. Adjust the pressure according to your preference. It recommended that you use it for up 20 minutes per session. For pain management, a few sessions a day is recommended for best results.

Additional Information:
RecoveryPRO knee and limb cold wraps are made of the highest quality latex-free premium-grade neoprene. The Velcro pads are recessed for comfort. The cold wrap is very sturdy and designed to last, and fits most body sizes and shapes. 2 wraps can be combined to make one large wrap for individuals requiring a larger treatment area. Please ask us how! The cooling gel pack insert is a unique non-toxic formula that stays cold far longer than regular ice packs and is semi-flexible just a couple of minutes after coming out of the freezer. Unlike traditional knee ice wrap bandages and braces, RecoveryPRO’s knee & limb cold wraps are specifically designed to promote smart healing beyond recovery from knee pain or knee replacement surgery.

Customer Reviews

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Tess de Quincey
I LURVE these packs...

These packs are big and tough enough to make a difference. Not only do they cover, for example, from well below to well above the knee but you can also really pull them tight for maximum impact of coolth. And with two packs you can get at least twice a day of super cold treatment. Brilliant!

Maxine Townsend
Great Help Amazing Coverage

The coverage of this pack is wonderful. It covers the entire knee and works a dream.

Matt Leo

Great product. I’m extremely happy with product. It’s a great recovery tool especially when you’re old and still try to train hard.

Penelope Wilmot
Excellent injury treatment

I have a badly damaged knee which is often in pain post exercise. Using the ice compression pack I am back in action much earlier than if I use any other treatment. It stays cold for ages and getting two for one was so great, I can do both knees at once! They’re fantastic!

Andy Vines
Absolutely awesome

Just received my hot cold pack and got 2 for the price of 1 and I’m super stoked with them, I will be suggesting them to my football club and will be sharing on my instagram, couldn’t be happier!

Customer Reviews

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