Terms and Conditions

Free Delivery

Free Standard Delivery applied on orders with a total purchase price of $99 and over
(except for Goods that require Special Delivery). Standard delivery fee of $15.00 applies
to all orders with a total purchase price of under $99.00. RecoveryPRO Australia
reserves the right to amend the details to this policy at any given time.

The average delivery times for Standard delivery are:

1. 4-7 Business days for Australian wide including most country areas
2. 7-10 Business days for WA country, far North QLD and most of NT, outside Alice
Springs and Darwin.

Please note that during major sales events (such as Stocktake Sale and Mid-Season
Sale), we may take an extra day or two to prepare your order. Also note that orders may
arrive in more than one shipment as they may be sourced from multiple locations - you
won't be charged any more for delivery in that instance. This free delivery offer is

subject to change at any time. However, all Orders processed during a free delivery
offer period will be processed in accordance with the offer.

Third Party Seller Listings

RecoveryPRO Australia allows third party sellers to list and sell their products on
www.recoverypro.com.au, www.recoveryproaustralia.com.au and
www.recoveryproaustralia.com (Site). The relevant seller is indicated on the respective
product information page (“Third Party Seller”) following the product brand name.

While RecoveryPRO Australia helps facilitate transactions that are carried out on the
Site, RecoveryPRO Australia is neither the buyer nor the seller of third party seller's
items. RecoveryPRO Australia provides a venue for Third Party Sellers and buyers to
complete transactions. Accordingly, the contract formed at the completion of a sale for
these third party products is solely between the buyer and Third Party Seller.
RecoveryPRO Australia is not a party to that contract nor assumes any responsibility
arising out of or in connection with it. The Third Party Seller is responsible for the sale of
their products and for dealing with any issues arising out of or in connection with the
contract between the Third Party Seller and the buyer.

Please keep in mind that Third Party Seller listings are merely hosted on
www.recoverypro.com.au, www.recoveryproaustralia.com.au and
www.recoveryproaustralia.com and are posted solely at the direction of Third Party

The Site accepts product information from Third Party Sellers in good faith. Except
where RecoveryPRO Australia is the seller, advertisements on the Site for products are
prepared by Third Party Sellers who are not related to RecoveryPRO Australia.

To the extent permitted by Australian Law, RecoveryPRO Australia gives no warranty in
relation to any products offered for sale by Third Party Sellers on the Site. However, we
may choose to assist you should a need for a warranty claim arises. Certain information
on the Site may be uploaded by Third Party Sellers. RecoveryPRO Australia does not
endorse or warrant the accuracy of this content nor does RecoveryPRO Australia
accept any liability for inaccuracies or omissions in this content. Content and information
on the Site relating to Goods offered for sale by Third Party Sellers do not imply
RecoveryPRO Australia’s endorsement or liability in respect of such content.

Online Shopping Terms and Conditions

These terms apply to the ordering, purchase and delivery of Goods from the Website,
In-Store and through our Customer Service Centre, and form a contract between you
and Prama Fitness Pty Ltd ABN 75 626 166 185 of PO BOX 2026, Smithfield NSW
2164 (RecoveryPRO Australia) or the Third Party Seller, as may be applicable (Terms).
By using the Site in any manner, you agree and accept the Terms. If you have an
account, you agree that these Terms (as amended from time to time) will apply to your
use of the account and all of your Orders.

These Terms contain important information about the ordering, processing and delivery
of Goods, including limitation of liability. RecoveryPRO Australia reserves the right in its

absolute discretion at any time and without notice to amend, remove or vary the
services or Terms and/or any page of this Site. Each time you use the Site, you should
review and be aware of the current Terms.

Please note that the Site is a platform for the sale of products offered by both
RecoveryPRO Australia and Third Party Sellers. Third party sellers are independent
retailers. Where an item is offered and sold by a Third Party Seller, the name of the
seller, its terms including delivery fees, will be specified on the relevant product page.
Third Party Sellers have the right in their absolute discretion at any time and without
notice to amend, remove or vary the Goods they offer on the Site and/or their terms.
For more information about Third Party Sellers, see above.

Other important terms may also apply to your Order or specific terms for certain Goods
as identified in the product description field on the Website (eg. Supplier Direct Terms).

1. Compliance with Terms

1.1. You will be bound by these Terms each time you submit an Order.

2. Placing Orders for Goods

2.1 By placing an Order on the Site, you are making an offer to enter into an agreement
to purchase the product(s) in that order. Orders will be deemed received by Us at the

time We send an order confirmation to your nominated e-mail address. It is your
responsibility to ensure that the correct email address and contact details are entered
with your Order.

2.2. Each Order you place will be a separate contract. Each product in your Order is
either sold by RecoveryPRO Australia or the Third Party Seller specified as the seller of
the product on the relevant product page.

2.3 A tax invoice will be issued at the time the Goods are ready for dispatch. When you
purchase Goods from both RecoveryPRO Australia and one or more Third Party Seller,
you will receive a tax Invoice from RecoveryPRO Australia for products sold and fulfilled
by RecoveryPRO Australia and a separate tax invoice for products supplied and fulfilled
by each Third Party Seller.

2.4. You acknowledge that all Goods purchased under these Terms are intended for
personal non-commercial use only and will not be re-sold.

2.5. From time to time, We may restrict the quantity of Goods which can be purchased
in one Order or during a particular period of time or per person or per address. Any
quantity restrictions will be stated on the product page, or in materials about the relevant
promotion, or as otherwise advised to you.

2.6. If you are purchasing using Afterpay or ZipPay, the maximum order value is $1000,
minimum $99 (incl GST) – inclusive of delivery charges (if applicable)

2.7. We will not be liable to you for any loss you or any third party suffers as a result of,
or in connection with, a delay or failure to process your Order or deliver Goods due to
inaccurate or incomplete details provided in an Order.

2.8. You agree to obtain consent to provide Us with Personal Information of recipients of
gifts or Goods Ordered by you.

2.9. You may place an Order on the Site if you are aged 16 years or over (18 years if
purchasing using Afterpay/ZipPay), and have an active email account or a telephone
number at which you can be contacted.

2.10. If you place consecutive or separate Orders, we cannot consolidate your Orders.
A separate Delivery Fee, if applicable, will apply to each Order. Subject to any
applicable quantity restrictions, you can order as many Goods as you wish in one Order.
In-Store Order cash payments will be limited up to a total Order value of $9,999.99
(including GST).

2.11. We reserve the right to accept or reject your Order for any reason at any time. If
We reject your Order you will receive a refund of any money paid less the fees incurred.

2.12. Your Order becomes a sale when your Order is confirmed by us.

3. Availability of Goods

3.1. From time to time, some Goods may be out of stock or are unavailable and we may
not be able to fulfil all or part of your Order. If this happens, we will refund you the price
paid for the Goods impacted.

3.2. We may withdraw or suspend from sale any Good displayed on the Website, either
temporarily or permanently, at any time and without notice. RecoveryPRO Australia will
not be liable to you for any loss you or any third party suffer as a result of a withdrawal
or suspension of sale of a particular Good.

3.3. Where a Good which is the subject of an Order has been withdrawn or suspended
from sale and your payment for the Good has already been processed, we will refund
any money paid to us in accordance with clause 7.

3.4. RecoveryPRO Australia reserves the right not to honour any incorrect offers
represented on the Website made by genuine human or system error. Where your
Order is affected by an error on the Website (for example, in a description, an image,
Price or otherwise), We will reject that part of the Order affected by the error. You will be
refunded the value of that part of your Order affected by the error, in accordance with
clause 7, and RecoveryPRO Australia will fulfil the remainder of your Order. If you are
not satisfied with the partial fulfilment of your Order, you can return your Order to us
under the Returns Policy.

3.5. If your Order is affected by a genuine error (including in a description, an image or
a Price), we reserve the right to cancel your Order and refund any money paid to us.

3.6. You acknowledge and agree that:

a) all pictures and images of Goods displayed are for illustrative purposes only;

b) any accessory featured with the Goods is for illustrative purposes only, and may be
sold separately; and

c) where we provide dimensions and measurements in the description of a Good, the
dimensions may vary slightly in real life, and it is your responsibility to ensure that the
actual size of each Good is suitable for your purpose prior to submitting your Order
(including whether there is appropriate and safe access to your Delivery Address for
delivery of the Good).

4. Price and payment

4.1. When you place an Order, we will charge you and you agree to pay the Price and
any applicable Delivery Fee.

4.2. All Prices will be drawn in Australian Dollars and, if GST applies, inclusive of GST.
Any fees and charges (including Delivery Fees) imposed by these Terms also include
GST where applicable. Please ensure that you are up to date with the current exchange
rates and fees if the purchase is made outside of Australia.

4.3. We reserve the right to change or alter Prices without notice to you. If you have
already submitted an Order at a particular Price, We will supply your Goods at that Price
(unless your Order is affected by a pricing error, in which case clause 3.4 will apply).

4.4. Payment methods are specified on the Website. They may include a RecoveryPRO
Australia Gift card, Discount Code, credit card, debit card PayPal, Afterpay or ZipPay.
The name on any credit and debit card used for payment must match the name on the
Order. Other methods of payment, including cash, can be used for In-Store Orders, but
not for Orders placed through the Website or the Customer Service Centre. Cheques
cannot be used as a payment method for any purchase from the Site, including for the
payment of Orders. If you pay using Afterpay or ZipPay, the Afterpay and ZipPay
prevailing terms and conditions apply. View visit their website for their full terms and
conditions. Payment methods may be subject to change.

4.5. Any payment for an Order must be cleared by RecoveryPRO Australia before
Goods are dispatched. If your payment cannot be processed, your Order will be
rejected and you will be notified of this. If a credit card payment cannot be processed

you should contact your card issuer to try to resolve the problem, or use an alternative
payment method in order to continue with your Order.

4.6. In paying or attempting to pay for Goods, you agree that you have not engaged in
any fraudulent conduct or contravened any Law.

4.7. Lay-by is not available for Orders.

5.2. Dispatch times may vary according to availability. Any representations made
regarding delivery times are estimates only and are subject to delays resulting from
postal delays or force majeure for which We are not responsible. Please note that
during major sales events (such as Stocktake Sales, Mid-Season Sale or Black Friday)
We may take an extra day or two to prepare your Order.

5.3. Your Order may be fulfilled from multiple locations at different times depending on
stock availability. You won’t be charged any more for delivery in this instance.

5.4. A signature on delivery may be required. If you refuse to sign the delivery
document, this will be taken as refusal to accept delivery.

5.5. If no-one is at the delivery address or there is limited access to the delivery
address, and a signature is not required for the delivery, the Delivery Agent will leave a
collection card with instructions on where to collect the Goods.

5.6. For Big & Bulky deliveries, your Order will be referred to a delivery service provider
who will contact you directly to arrange delivery and request any specific relevant
access details such as stairs, parking restrictions. You or a person over the age of 18
must be available to accept delivery at the nominated delivery address on the date
agreed between you and the delivery agent. If nobody is available at the address on
that date additional delivery fees may apply for redelivery.

6. Restricted Goods

6.1. If you Order Goods that are or contain Restricted Goods, you:

a) warrant that you are aged 18 years or over

b) acknowledge that it is against the Law to sell or supply the Restricted Goods to, or
obtain the Restricted Goods on behalf of, a person under the age of 18 years (where

c) you warrant that you are not obtaining the Restricted Goods on behalf of a person
under the age of 18 years;

d) when you order Products that contain an age restriction, you are confirming that you
are of legal age and that the information you have provided us is true and accurate.

6.2. Where We have reasonable grounds for believing you have not complied with the
above clause, We may cancel your Order and refund any money paid to us in respect of
your Order. We may, at its discretion, charge you a fee to cover Our administrative

7. Order cancellations and returns

7.1. Unless provided for under these Terms or as otherwise agreed by RecoveryPRO
Australia, no cancellations or changes to Orders will be accepted, and the Goods will be
delivered to the Delivery Address in an Order. You should carefully check that your
Order is accurate before you submit it. You will, however, be able to return Goods under
the Returns Policy.

7.2. If we cannot contact you about your Order using the contact details you provided in
the Order, after having made reasonable attempts to contact you, we will cancel your
Order and refund any money paid less any fees incurred.

7.3. Unless otherwise explicitly stated by Us, Delivery Fees will not be refunded if you
return Goods for change of mind or you made an incorrect selection.

7.4. Any Goods you purchase can only be returned in accordance with these Terms and
the Returns Policy. The Returns Policy forms a part of these Terms.

7.5. RecoveryPRO Australia will process any refunds within a reasonable time of
agreeing to do so.

7.6. If the original payment was made:

a) on a credit card, refunds will be processed on the same card as the original payment
was made.

b) by a combination of Gift Cards and credit card then:

a. A partial refunds will be processed on the same card as the original payment was
made first and the same amount as the Gift Card will be issued as a store credit.

b) using Afterpay or ZipPay, refunds will be processed back to the account through
Afterpay less the administrative fees of 7.75% + 30 cents per transaction.

7.7. For In-Store Orders, where you paid in cash or by EFTPOS, you can obtain a
refund by contacting the Customer Service team.

7.9. Big & Bulky Goods cannot be returned or exchanged once the item has been
delivered, unless required by Law. Please call Customer Service Centre on 1800 870
498 to have the matter resolved.

8. Product Recalls

8.1. If a Good is subject to a product recall, a notice will be posted in the Product Recall
notice section of the Website. You can return recalled Goods as instructed in the
Product Recall notice.

8.2. You consent to us contacting you or the gift recipient, using the personal
information provided on your Order, to notify you of a product recall by telephone, email,
SMS, MMS or post.

9. Promotions and discounts

9.1. The Goods, Prices, and promotions offered on the Website may not be the same as
those offered in a RecoveryPRO Australia Store or event. RecoveryPRO Australia is not
required to match prices.

9.2. You may receive online offers and promotions, whether mailed to your home,
distributed by RecoveryPRO Australia, with your Order or emailed to you or available on
the Site. Some offers may include a promotional or coupon code (Code) for use when
placing an Order. It is your responsibility to ensure that the Code is valid, and that you
enter the Code at the time of placing an Order. The Code cannot be applied after you
have submitted your Order. Separate terms may apply to the use of the Code. The
Code may be specific to only certain orders or Goods on the Site. Any Code is
non-transferable, cannot be posted on a forum or website and may not be used with
other offers.

9.3. Certain offers, including cashback and bonus redemptions are subject to additional
terms (as specified with the offer). You should read these terms carefully, as time limits
will apply to cashback and bonus offer redemptions. Cashback and bonus offers
redemption may require you to send a form to the supplier, and may exclude postage
and handling costs and any other costs incurred as a result of redeeming the offer.

9.4. All references to times in promotions are based on the local time in Sydney,
Australia unless stated otherwise.

10. Privacy

10.1. Personal Information, which you provide to us during the Order process or through
the Customer Service Centre including contact details, will be kept, used and disclosed
by Us in accordance with RecoveryPRO Australia’s Privacy Policy for the purpose of
processing and delivering your Order. See RecoveryPRO Australia’s Privacy Policy for
further information on how to access or update your Personal Information.

10.2 .We may also collect (even if you do not register to the Website), and our third
party providers of advertisements and content may collect, location and other
information such as the URL or advertisement you came from or linked to, IP address,
browser type, pages you visited from the Website etc.

10.3. Unless otherwise indicated in your account settings or at the time you placed your
Order, RecoveryPRO Australia may send you marketing information

10.4. If you wish to change or update your online account information (including your
email address, password or communication preferences), simply login to your account.
Alternatively you may contact our Customer Service Centre on 1800 870 498.

10.5. RecoveryPRO Australia reserves the right to conduct and implement fraud
detection processes, including without limitation to validating your credit card
details. If your nominated payment method triggers our fraud prevention
protocols, we may contact you to confirm additional details, or rescind the
transaction. In this case, your Order must pass our fraud prevention protocols
before it will be fulfilled. If you do not provide the requested information within
the required time frame, your Order will be cancelled and payment returned, if
applicable, to the method you originally paid. These information requests are sent
to help protect credit card holders from online fraud. The refund amount will be
less the fees incurred from the Order.

11. Risk & Liability

11.1. Risk and title in the Goods passes to you on the date and time of delivery of the
Goods to you by the Delivery Agent.

11.2 We may provide an additional warranty in addition to your Consumer Law rights
and remedies. Any additional warranties given provide you with benefits in addition to
the Australian Consumer Law rights and remedies. When provided, the warranty period,
provisions and the person providing the warranty relating to your purchase vary
according to the product you have purchased. Please refer to product packaging and
brochures to determine the warranty term and warranty conditions for your purchase.

11.4. We exclude to the fullest extent possible under Law, all implied terms and
warranties whether statutory or otherwise, relating to the subject matter of these Terms.

11.5. You represent and warrant to Us that We will not be liable for any expense or
injury (including indirect loss such as loss of revenue, profits, anticipated savings,
goodwill or business opportunity, injury to your reputation) in contract, tort, under statue
or otherwise, howsoever caused including arising directly or indirectly from or in
connection with these Terms.

11.6. Our liability to you for loss or damage of any kind arising out of these Terms will
be reduced or limited to the extent (if any) that you cause or contribute to the loss or

12. Termination

12.1. We may, at our discretion, terminate the agreement for the supply of Goods to

a) for convenience, at any time, on giving notice to you; or

b) immediately if We reasonably believe that you have breached these Terms and:

a. that the breach is not capable of remedy; or

b. if you have been provided with notice of the breach, and you have failed to remedy
that breach within 14 days (where the breach is able to be remedied).

13. General

13.1. See RecoveryPRO Australia’s Website Terms for further information on
trademarks, copyright and other applicable terms including those relating to use of the

13.2. We reserve the right at all times to make changes to these Terms. Any variations
to these Terms will take effect from posting on the Website. The Terms which apply at
the time you place an Order are those that govern that Order.

13.3. Any provision of these Terms that is prohibited or unenforceable in any jurisdiction
is ineffective as to that jurisdiction to the extent of the prohibition or unenforceability.
That does not invalidate the remaining provisions of these Terms or affect the validity or
enforceability of that provision in any other jurisdiction.

13.4. Our failure or delay to exercise a power or right under these Terms does not
constitute a waiver of that power or right, and Our exercise of a power or right does not
preclude its future exercise or the exercise of any power or right.

13.5. The laws of New South Wales, Australia govern this agreement. Your transaction
is deemed to have taken place in Smithfield, NSW.

14. Definitions

The following definitions apply to these Terms.

Big & Bulky Goods are goods for which extra handling and additional resources are
required for delivery. Different Delivery Fees and requirements may apply. To check
whether Goods you are ordering are Big & Bulky, view the Delivery tab on the product
information page, or speak to a RecoveryPRO Australia’s team member.

Business Day means a week day in which trading banks are open for the transaction of
banking business in New South Wales, Australia.

Delivery Address means the address to which the Goods are to be delivered, as stated
on your Order.

Delivery Agent means a third party delivery or shipping company engaged by Us to
deliver Goods.

Delivery Fee means the applicable fee for the delivery of Goods.y

Gift Card means a preloaded RecoveryPRO Australia Gift Card through which you or a
recipient may make non-cash payments for Orders.

Goods means the items offered for sale on the Website, through our system and
through our Customer Service Centre.

GST has the meaning given in A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999

Law means any written rule or collection of rules, including, but not limited to any
statute, regulation, order or rule, any government ordinance or by-law, any
governmental agency's rule, regulation or determination, and any form of custom or
policy recognised and enforced by judicial decision.

myaccount means your www.recoverypro.com.au, www.recoveryproaustralia.com.au
and www.recoveryproaustralia.com online account through which you can facilitate your

RecoveryPRO Australia means Prama Fitness Pty Ltd (ABN 75 626 166 185).

RecoveryPRO Australia Order or Order means a request by you to purchase Goods
from RecoveryPRO Australia under these Terms (whether through the Website,
In-Store or our Customer Service Centre).

Personal Information has the meaning given in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

Price means the purchase price of each Good as specified on the Website, on the
Order confirmation or provided by a Customer Service Centre representative.

Privacy Policy means the RecoveryPRO Australia Privacy Policy.

Restricted Goods means Goods subject to restrictions on sale in particular
jurisdictions, including Goods which may not be sold to minors.

Returns Policy means the RecoveryPRO Australia Returns Policy.

Third Party Seller Order means a request by you to purchase Goods from a Third
Party Seller under these Terms.

Website means the sites available from www.recoverypro.com.au,
www.recoveryproaustralia.com.au and www.recoveryproaustralia.com

Website Terms means the terms governing your use of the Website

We, Us and Our means RecoveryPRO Australia in respect of a RecoveryPRO Australia
Order and/or a Third Party Seller in respect of a Third Party Seller Order. you and your
means you as the purchaser of Goods from RecoveryPRO Australia and/or a Third
Party Seller, as applicable, pursuant to these Terms.