1. What are the specifications of the RP2.0?
The RP2.0 is a 24 volt unit with a stroke length of 12 mm, averaging 26 kgs of force. The device weighs approximately 900 grams has a stroke rotation of :
    • 1400 rpm on Level 1
    • 1800 rpm on Level 2
    • 2200 rpm on Level 3
    • 2600 rpm on Level 4
    • 3200 rpm on Level 5
    2. Is there a warranty?
    All our products come with a 12 months Back to Base Manufacturer's Warranty. We will cover all costs associated with your servicing or replacement if the error is deemed a manufacturing defect/fault. Please kindly read our Terms & Conditions located on our website for further information.
    3. Can I fly with my RP2.0?
    When kept in its carry case, the RP2.0 can safely travel with you on board your flight (yay!) but as each Airline and aircraft have different rules and regulations,
    it is best to contact your carrier prior to flying to avoid any inconvenience on the day! So far, our customers have not had any issues whilst flying to parts
    of Europe, Asia and the United States! 
    Tip: Refer the RP2.0 as a hand held massage DEVICE! 
    4. Can I use the charger in a different country?
    Mains voltage in Australia is 230V 50Hz. If your destination does not share the same voltage, you will need a suitable electrical adapter prior to using the charger. 
    5. How long does it take to charge the device?
    A full charge is approximately 3-4 hours and can last up to a week!
    6. Where are your products manufactured?
    Our production materials and product components are sourced from all over the world and put together in our factory in Hong Kong. All products go through vigorous quality control and meet international standards!
    7. How does the RP2.0 compare to other percussive massagers on the market? 
    We understand that everyone has their own set of preferences and as we truly believe in our product, a comparison can be viewed as a little bias! However, we are more than happy to provide you with the specification and description of our product so you can make the comparison yourself. :)
    8. What is the sound output of the RP2.0?
    The RP2.0 has a sound output of 52 decibels which is the same noise level as a small home appliance or a quiet indoor conversation.
    9. Can I use the compression pack anywhere other than the limb?
    At the moment, our dual temperature compression packs are suitable for the arms and legs and can be contorted to compress the ankles. Having said that, we have
    had customers who have successfully used it on their lower backs and abdominals! Email us at info@recoveryproaustralia.com.au if you would like to know more  about this technique!
    10. How often should I use the RP2.0?
    The RP2.0 can be used daily or whenever needed. We recommend a quick activation prior to starting your day and a brief recovery session to aid in the calm down of your day. 
    11. Is the RP2.0 suitable for me?
    Alternatively, a quick 15-30 seconds per muscle group is all your really need to increase blood flow and reduce lactic acid!
    12. Is the dual temperature compressions for me?
    You don't necessarily need to be injured to use our compression packs.  Our compression packs can be used as a method of pain management (post-op, sprains, muscle spasms/contractions etc) reduce onsets of DOMS and reduce swelling, soreness and inflammation. The unique gel-pad has the ability to remain its low temperatures for long hours, making recovery on go achievable and easy! 
    13. Do you deliver to PO boxes?
    We deliver to Internationally, Australia Wide, including addresses containing PO Boxes.
    14. I would like to see the product prior to buying, do you have a physical store?
    Our warehouse is solely a distribution premise and not opened to the public. At this stage, please visit our  Retailers and Partners for live demonstrations of the products. For a full listing of stores, please contact us on info@recoveryproaustralia.com.au or take a quick browse on our Partners page!